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callithump and me in an rpg

Jul 22 @ 7:45 PM
rpg me   HECK cute  
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callithump: thief or archer ; macbeths: monk or paladin

honestly i’ve never played an rpg so idk

Jul 22 @ 7:45 PM
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you'd be the bespeckled mage with big sleeved robes and a big staff with cool magic spells hell yeah. the glasses need to be huge and round, it completes ur nerd mage look.


Mage? I think? Good with plants and herbs perhaps?
i Feel this
Jul 22 @ 7:44 PM
rpg me   cute!!  
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in my dreams i’d be cool, i think i missed out on rpg hype dang it, well here i am even tho i’m way late to the party

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everyones favorite grim reaper

Jul 22 @ 5:22 PM
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royal disaster ranger, here and ready to guide you to all the places you didn’t plan to go

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battle cleric on the scene

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happy bday ybee!!! tried to draw terrible middle child

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an archer would like to join your party!
Jul 22 @ 10:53 AM
rpg me   NOIce  
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spiaran suggested sakura & this song! i listened to it on repeat while drawing this, i liked it a lot

Jul 21 @ 9:33 PM